Pixel Sword

Pixel Sword is a 2D platformer adventure game.
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Pixel Sword is a 2D platformer game.  Adventure through action packed levels filled with evil skeleton armies, goblins, mutant plants, and evil wizards.  The only protection you have is your trusty sword. It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.  Defeat challenging enemies with your sword fighting skills.  A classic side-scrolling quest inspired by the 8bit and 16bit eras of gaming.  Unlock cool skins, collect heart containers, and challenge powerful enemies.


side-scrolling adventure

Unique monsters
fast paced melee combat
low res pixelated explosions
A game for the 80’s kid in everyone
An adventure of pixelated proportions.

golden age of video games, with todays technology. Pixel Sword is a 2D sidescroller adventure called Pixel Sword

pixel sword

Pixel Sword has 4 playable character skins.