Jetpack Jumper

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Run, jump, and jetpack through the clouds collecting precious gems in Super Jetpack Jumper. This endless runner arcade game gives you the choice to play anyway you want and land a spot in one of the three worldwide leader boards. Score the most points in Super Jetpack Jumper by collecting as many jewels and gems as you can, get the longest distance by staying alive, or build up as much speed as you can on the turbo platforms for a legendary jump before touching down again. This isn’t a joyride, so strap on your jetpack and get out there. This adventure will have you running barefoot through the clouds and rocketing into space. Enjoy the ride but keep an eye on your jetpack fuel because if you run out, it’s just jumping for you. Easy joyrides are for the birds so jump into this challenging adventure and hang on tight!

How To Play:

Touch the right side of the screen when you are on a platform to jump. Touch and hold the left side of the screen to activate your jetpack and fly. Pick up green fuel orbs to replenish your jetpack fuel because if you run out your jetpack won’t work and you’ll be out of luck.

Super Jetpack Jumper includes five types of upgrades:
Upgrades To Collect:
– Jump upgrades allow you to jump higher by touching and holding the right side of the screen.
– Jetpack upgrades give your jetpack more thrust.
– Fuel upgrades make your jetpack use less fuel.
– Gem upgrades make gems worth more points.
– Magnet upgrades pull in items from farther away.

About Your Jetpack:
The green orbs will slowly charge your jetpack. Collect large green orbs to fuel your jetpack even faster.

Staying Healthy:
First-Aid kits will refill your life, but it’s probably best to just avoid the spiked bombs all together. You can have 3 first-aid kits at any one time. Collect them, because if you run out of health it’s Game Over.

Platform Types:
As you run through the clouds you will find two unique platform types. Stone platforms prevent the player from jumping up through them. Don’t let a stone platform get between you and a valuable gem, first-aid kit, or upgrade. Turbo platforms will cause the ninja to run faster so if you feel like your waddling along like an overweight penguin on a joyride, hop on one of these and start really running. Turbo platforms increase your speed to let you jetpack further for a legendary jump but can you handle the speed?

This game has a retro feel, and may prove to be as challenging an experience as the classic video games from the Atari, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis glory days. It is essentially a hybrid of a helicopter style arcade game and a classic side-scrolling platform adventure. Super Jetpack Jumper is not just a joyride but one of best original jetpack games!

Take flight as the Intergalactic Ninja Pirate with his high-tech jetpack and navigate your way to the top of the games global high scores list. Be bold and fearless because it won’t always be a joyride. It will take tons of courage to conquer the skies with nothing but your quick wit and a jetpack strapped to your back. You just might have what it takes to jump to the top. Warning: This Game might be super addictive.

Super Jetpack Jumper is free original game for all your android mobile devices and is acceptable for all audiences.

~ fun and free
~ easy to learn, hard to master
~ family fun
~ from kids to old farts
~ From the creators of Super Narwhal Boy!

Super Jetpack Jumper is brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, LLC.
Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, Dragon Bones, and Nape Physics.
Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.