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A 2D platformer adventure with retro pixel art graphics and oldschool gameplay.

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HomeWorld Arts, Pixel Sword

The wizards home world has long since been deserted. Only the strongest have survived alongside the hoards of wandering undead. The blue wizard sleeps soundly inside his small cabin on the surface. The blue mage lays awake in the night, with a strange feeling. A strong evil lurks nearby. The wizard leaves the warmth and safety of his small home, and ventures into the dark night on a quest to return peace to this once prosperous land. The blue wizards first thought is to visit the red knight. The knight is a powerful warrior, and might already be aware of the evil presence. The red knight is all too aware of the evil, as it has already consumed him. Whatever evil grows nearby, the blue mage must fight it alone.

blue qizard VS evil mutant plant

Game Description:
Fight your way through a side-scrolling 2D metroidvania world full of monsters. Do battle with an epic knight. Interrupt an evil summoning and fight a powerful wizard. Quest into the skies and free a majestic dragon. Return peace to the kingdom and rid the evils from the land. A classic 2D adventure game for the 80’s kid in everyone. A must play for fans of 8bit and 16bit consoles. Adventure through a hand-crafted world in this free 2D game.

Blue Wizard VS Red Wizard, pixel art game

How To Play:
Move left and right.  Jump and attack.  These are the only controls.  You will be granted a high jump, and a float jump by reading books that appear after defeating powerful enemies.  Collect heart pieces in red rooms.  Two heart pieces will give you a new heart container.  Collect staff shards in blue rooms.  Four staff shards will upgrade your attack power.

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Tips and Tricks:

If you get lost inside, here is a MAP of the world.


Pixel Wizard is a free metroidvania style game for Android, iOS, and Ouya

– New baddies
– A hand-crafted world (don’t get lost)
– Fast-paced wizard staff combat
– Retro style, low resolution pixel art
– A game for the 80’s kid in everyone
– An adventure of pixelated proportions
– Great for kids & adults
– Free to play

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This free game is brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, the creators of Super Narwhal Boy, Jetpack Jumper, and Jurassic Quest.

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics.
Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig. (dig4neidz)

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