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Take control of an archer and fight your way through a 2D metroidvania style world full of unique challenges and rewards. Aim true and slay the evil that awaits you in this side scrolling retro style adventure game. Use your bow and arrows to save the world from the mad wizard and his hordes of skeletons, spiders, and demons. Check your map often to find the evil bosses and explore every corner of the hand crafted world of Pixel Arrow. Look for chests filled with powerful items to help you overcome any challenge you come across. Start your adventure now and stop the mad wizard who has brought evil upon the world.

side-scrolling game

How To Play: The Left, Right, Jump buttons move the archer around the world. Tapping the Attack button will quickly fire an arrow in front of you. Holding the attack button will aim the arrow higher until you release the button to fire the arrow. Once you find a chest containing a bomb arrow quiver use the Bomb Arrow button to break through cracked dungeon bricks and do massive damage to bosses. Bomb arrow quivers are found in green rooms and each allow you to carry 5 more bomb arrows. Half heart pieces are found in red rooms, collect a full heart to increase your max health. The Map button is in the upper right corner and will pause the game and allow you to see the room you are in, rooms you have been to, rooms you haven’t been to and the location of bosses. side-scrolling game

– Hordes of unique baddies –

Metroidvania boss battle

– A completely hand crafted world –

The mines of Pixel Arrow

– Fast-paced bow and arrow combat –

Metroidvania map

– Retro style game play and pixel art –

adventure game with pixel graphics

– A game for the 80’s kid in everyone –

Pixel Arrow.  A Side-scrolling game

Great for kids & adults – Free to play

Side-scrolling characters
If you enjoy 2D side scrolling game and 2D platform games then you will love playing Pixel Arrow!

Side-Scrolling Characters

This free game is brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, LLC,
the creators of Pixel Staff, Pixel Sword, Super Narwhal Boy, Jurassic Quest, and Jetpack Jumper.

Pixel Arrow is an Archer Adventure.

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics. Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.

Pixel Arrow, Pixel Staff, Pixel Sword

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