Penguin Rocket

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Penguin Rocket is a  fun free tilt game using your Android’s state of the art accelerometer. Enjoy this game’s retro arcade action. Penguin Rocket is an original game created by Indie Developer HomeWorld Arts .(This is not just another Tiny Wings game clone!)

Penguin rocket, a free tilt game on Android

Shoot your rocket flying into the sky! Tilt your Android left and right to steer the cartoon penguin rocket and collect magic power stars. If you miss a star and it’s color turns red, touch it to make it explode and give you a small boost. The more stars you collect, the higher your score will be, and the faster the game will play. Compete in this game’s global high scores list to be the world’s coolest penguin! Jump in and challenge your friends and family, young and old. This arcade game is perfect for kids and old folks alike! Jump into action and doodle your name on the top of the high scores list.

Easy to learn the game, hard to master the craft.

 Penguin rocket, a free tilt game on Android

No enemies, no lives, no continues, just you, a penguin on a rocket, and the Earth’s best players. Follow the stream of power stars. Each star will let you fly higher and higher in the sky.

Have fun and fly free!

Created for you by indie game developer, HomeWorld Arts, LLC,

creators of Super Jetpack Jumper and Super Narwhal boy.

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, Dragon Bones, and Nape Physics.

Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.