Mind Block

Mind Block a free Android Puzzle Game

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A mind bending puzzle game that will be sure to challenge your intelligence. This joyride of a puzzle game will send you spinning, and seeing stars. If you enjoy the puzzles from retro 2D games like Nintendo’s: The Legend of Zelda, or classic RPG’s and adventure games, this simple puzzle game is perfect for you.

Mind Block a free Android Puzzle Game

Push blocks by tapping an empty grid space. This will push all adjacent blocks away from your finger. move all of the blocks into the yellow goals to complete each stage. Warning: The later stages are not for the birds!

Mind Block a free Android Puzzle Game #screenshotsaterday

* 20 challenging levels – This game starts out easy but will leave you scratching your head and questioning your IQ

* Three different block behaviors! – only a true gem can master every element of this puzzling world.

* A great game for kids and adults. Perfect fun for ages 8 through 10,000,000.

Mind Block: The Free Android Block Puzzle Game