Light Bike

light, bike, cyberpunk

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Speed through traffic in an endless race to the top of the high scores list.  Weave through motorcycles and avoid the explosions from high speed collisions. Racing your bike will take lightening fast reflexes.  Compete with friends on Facebook and Twitter for the title of worlds fastest Light Biker. Enjoy this game’s retro arcade action.

light, bike, motorcycle game

Light Bike is an addictive and fast paced motorcycle racing game. Rev up your turbo engine in this cyber racing adventure. A great game for kids and adults alike. Retro arcade style driving action! More exciting than a Nascar crash. More intense than a formula one race. Be the best racer on earth in this game of speed.

light bike, motorcycle game

Touch left or right to avoid the oncoming motorcycles. See how fast you can drive before crashing into another bike. You will need to keep your eyes on the road and pick the best route of travel because in this game your bike has no brakes.  Challenge your friends in this addicting game or see if you can drive to the top of the global high scores list.

 light bike, cyberpunk, tron

Created for you by indie game developer, HomeWorld Arts, LLC,

creators of Super Jetpack Jumper, Car Race and Super Narwhal boy.

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics.

Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.