Jurassic Quest

enter a Jurassic World

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a free dinosaur side scroller game Enter a prehistoric jurassic world filled with dinosaurs and play as a Dilophosaurus in this 2D platformer.  Battle compsognathus, pachycephalosaurus, velociraptor, and the mighty tyrannosaurus rex.  Jump on platforms and avoid lava pits.  Collect three dinosaur eggs in each level and advance through the island.  Collect hearts from defeated dinosaurs to refill your life.  Time jumps to land on moving platforms, and avoid attacking dinos.  You will be able to jump much higher if you are running.   Good luck and beware of the mighty T-Rex

brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, LLC

the creators of Super Narwhal Boy and Jetpack Jumper

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, Dragon Bones, and Nape Physics.

Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.