Jurassic Flight

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Enter a Jurassic world to fly and collect eggs as a pterodactyl!

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world, fino, pterodactyl, Jurassic


How to Play:

Touch and hold to run.
Release to jump and begin your flight.
The longer you run and the closer to the edge of the cliff you jump, the longer your flight will be.
Once you are flying, touch to fly up and release to fly down.
Collect eggs to get a high score.
Collect three eggs of the same color to add five seconds to the time of your flight.
Go, run and jump off the cliffs to soar high into the sky above!
Enjoy this dinosaur adventure with loads of free fun and addicting game play!

Flying pterodactyls

Flying pterodactyls When you run out of time the pterodactyl will coast down and park himself on the ground.

fly through the clouds of a jurassic world

fly through the clouds of a jurassic world Challenge your friends for the most eggs in the skies of this prehistoric world.


Fly as a pterodactyl

Beware, this addicting arcade game is no walk in the park.

Brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, the creators of Super Narwhal Boy, Jetpack Jumper, and Jurassic Quest.
Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics.
Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.

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