Fly Swat

Swat the Flies! Fly Swatter!

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The flies are out!

Swat flies by touching the screen. Each fly will only be around for a little while so react fast and if you see a red beacon, time is running out. Let three flies get away and it’s game over for you, flyswatter. Destroy multiple flies in one hit for a bonus, but don’t get too greedy. These little bugs aren’t sticking around for long. When you see a red light appear under the fly, it is about to get away. Swat as many flies as you can without letting the pesky bugs get away.

fly, swat, swatter

Challenge your friends for the title of  “World’s Best Fly Swatter.”

fly, swatting, flies
~ Fun and free
~ Easy to learn, hard to master
~ Easy controls for kids

fly swat video game

Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, and Nape Physics.
Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.