Alien Invaders

Intergalactic Ninja Pirate: Alien Invaders

Play Alien Invaders:   Space can be a lonely place, not to mention a dangerous one. Aliens with a chip on their shoulder don’t make the best friends. What better way to cope than to arm yourself with upgradable, explosive, non-stop projectiles. They wont like you, but they will fear you. Guide the Intergalactic Ninja […]

Mind Block

Mind Block: The Free Android Block Puzzle Game

Play Mind Block on your Android:   A mind bending puzzle game that will be sure to challenge your intelligence. This joyride of a puzzle game will send you spinning, and seeing stars. If you enjoy the puzzles from retro 2D games like Nintendo’s: The Legend of Zelda, or classic RPG’s and adventure games, this […]

Color Words

Color Words Education Game

Play Color Words by yourself or pass it around a group of close friends. This is the freshest, simplest, and most addictive mobile brain teaser game on the Android market. Experience for yourself how this game tests your brain in a very addicting way. Play Color Words with friends on virtually any android device on […]

Bartender Blitz

Bartender Blitz Game

Being a bartender is hard work. Slinging beers with style will take some finesse. Test your drink serving skills by sliding your finger across the beer. The harder and longer the swipe the further the beer will be served. Serve to the left because the guy in the john has already had too many. How […]

Trippy Hypnotizer

Trippy Hypnotizer free Android App

It’s not really a game, but it is a trippy twist on an old hypnotizer toy. This spinning top has a few different trippy visuals too pick from. Throughout time hypnotherapy has been said to aid the mind and body. relaxation – meditation – quit smoking – conquer fears – boost confidence – build self […]