A couple of weeks ago in a nearby Space Station, a Spaceman is exploring in hopes of finding fuel for his spaceship. The space station is attacked by aliens and the spaceman must battle his way back to his spaceship. • Old-school chiptunes and Pixel art will immerse you in that 8-bit feel. • Fight […]

Pixel Arrow

Metroidvania boss battle

Download Pixel Arrow for your Android! Take control of an archer and fight your way through a 2D metroidvania style world full of unique challenges and rewards. Aim true and slay the evil that awaits you in this side scrolling retro style adventure game. Use your bow and arrows to save the world from the […]

Retro Robits

Ouya, Ouya Everywhere, Madcatz M.O.J.O.

A 2-4 player Robit Racing Platformer! Race up to four friends in a couch gaming marathon. Race up to four friends in a couch gaming marathon. Jump on your friends heads, collect items and utilise them wisely to get the end of the stage first. Grab item orbs to gear up with wheels, rockets, super […]

Pixel Staff

Pixel Wizard is a free metroidvania style game for Android, iOS, and Ouya

A 2D platformer adventure with retro pixel art graphics and oldschool gameplay. Download Pixel Staff for Android Devices: Prologue: The wizards home world has long since been deserted. Only the strongest have survived alongside the hoards of wandering undead. The blue wizard sleeps soundly inside his small cabin on the surface. The blue mage lays awake […]

Car Race 2

Car Race II

Play Car Race 2:   Drive through traffic in a fast paced car race.  Speed between cars as you accelerate down the road.  Collect coins along the road and save up to buy new cars.  Nice cars have sweet abilities.  Magnets pull in money from nearby lanes.  Big trucks have a higher durability and can […]

Jurassic Flight

Download Jurassic Flight for your mobile device: Enter a Jurassic world to fly and collect eggs as a pterodactyl!   How to Play: Touch and hold to run. Release to jump and begin your flight. The longer you run and the closer to the edge of the cliff you jump, the longer your flight will […]

Light Bike

light bike, cyberpunk, tron

Download Light Bike for free on your mobile device: Speed through traffic in an endless race to the top of the high scores list.  Weave through motorcycles and avoid the explosions from high speed collisions. Racing your bike will take lightening fast reflexes.  Compete with friends on Facebook and Twitter for the title of worlds […]

Hero Fall

hero, fall, techno, edm. rock, band, smartphone, tablet, game

Download for your smartphone or tablet: Hero Fall will challenge your natural rhythm and timing. Hit the falling band of blocks at the right time for a perfect score. Use one two or three fingers to complete the chord when it reaches the bottom of the screen. Click the falling squares when they are inside […]


download seperated for android and iphone

Download Separated for free on your smartphone or tablet: Gotta keep em’ separated! Keep the balls separated. Clicking near the balls will push them away. Get two balls close to score points. Separated is a puzzling arcade game that keeps you looking at the bigger picture. Get the balls close enough to score points but […]

Shape Sync

 Download Shape Sync on your Mobile Device: Match your shape at the bottom with the correct falling shape to score a point. The more points you get the faster the shapes fall.  How many shapes can you sort? Good luck syncing shapes!     Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig. Follow @ Follow @homeworldarts

Fly Swat

fly, flies, swat, swatter,

Download Fly Swat! on your smartphone or tablet: The flies are out! Swat flies by touching the screen. Each fly will only be around for a little while so react fast and if you see a red beacon, time is running out. Let three flies get away and it’s game over for you, flyswatter. Destroy […]

Pizza Rocket

pizza,rocket,kids,games for girls and boys, rocket

Download Pizza Rocket For FREE on your mobile device:   Collect toppings,  gain speed and rocket to the top of the high scores list. A great game for girls, boys, and adults alike. Fly in a pizza rocket over NYC!  Challenge your friends for the high score.  Each flight will have you collecting three different […]

Brain Rave

Brain Rave smartphone puzzle game

Download Brain Rave: …Or try it on your computer right now:   Train your brain to quickly react in this rave game with glow graphics. Complete each puzzle before the timer runs out or you will get a strike. Swipe the correct direction in each puzzle or you will get a strike. Three strikes and […]

Castle Quest

free android, iPhone games, rougelike

Castle Quest is a casual game that draws inspiration from retro console games.  Navigate through a legendary dungeon with simple one touch controls.  Swipe to change direction, and tap to shoot arrows.  Control your hero through an epic castle in this rouge like game that is easy to learn, but hard to master.  Avoid lava, search for keys, […]

Touch ‘N’ Glow

Free android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire game. Test your speed in the fast paced finger dancing game! iOS Apple app store, Google play, Amazon Market

Download Touch ‘N’ Glow on your mobile Device: Test your speed in this vibrantly glowing gesture game.  As the arrows fall from the top of the screen do what they say.  When you complete the action, The symbol will explode in a shower of glowing fireworks.  Each round starts slow, but will be racing beyond […]

Jurassic Quest

a free dinosaur side scroller game

Play Jurassic Quest:  Enter a prehistoric jurassic world filled with dinosaurs and play as a Dilophosaurus in this 2D platformer.  Battle compsognathus, pachycephalosaurus, velociraptor, and the mighty tyrannosaurus rex.  Jump on platforms and avoid lava pits.  Collect three dinosaur eggs in each level and advance through the island.  Collect hearts from defeated dinosaurs to refill your life. […]


1World free game on Android Google Play, Apple AppStore, and play now in your browser!

Play as a heroic knight and battle undead skeleton zombies.  Sneak past gargoyle traps that spit fire.  These demon monsters have been raised from the dead to eat your brains!  Kick them in the face and escape this castle.  Inspired by the glory days of console gaming, the late 80’s early 90’s. Solve puzzles and […]

Jetpack Jumper

Fun free Android & iOS game for your smartphone or tablet

Play Jetpack Jumper: Run, jump, and jetpack through the clouds collecting precious gems in Super Jetpack Jumper. This endless runner arcade game gives you the choice to play anyway you want and land a spot in one of the three worldwide leader boards. Score the most points in Super Jetpack Jumper by collecting as many […]

Brick Breakers

Brick Breakers Free Game, android, ios, tablet, iphone, fun, classic, retro, kids, arcade, atari, mobile, smartphone, addicting, games

Play Brick Breakers:   Brick Breakers: An addicting new twist on the retro arcade classic brick busting game.  Play single player and use both hands to bust some blocks, or put your Android tablet down on a table and blast the bricks with a friend. Brick Breakers can be played single player or as multiplayer […]

Super Narwhal Boy

free Android and Apple iOS arcade game. Cartoon Narwhal

Play Super Narwhal Boy: Play as a boy riding his narwhal in this free original one touch controls action-arcade game!   Join Super Narwhal Boy and his magical pet narwhal in a mystical fishing journey under the sea. Guide your pet onward, but beware the depths of this mobile game will not make for an […]

Penguin Rocket

penguin rocket free android tablet smartphone game google play, nexus 7

Play Penguin Rocket on your Android: Penguin Rocket is a  fun free tilt game using your Android’s state of the art accelerometer. Enjoy this game’s retro arcade action. Penguin Rocket is an original game created by Indie Developer HomeWorld Arts .(This is not just another Tiny Wings game clone!) Shoot your rocket flying into the […]

Car Race

Download Car Race free on Google Play for your Android smartphone or tablet

Play Car Race on your Android:   An addictive and fast paced car racing game. Weave your way through traffic as you rev up your engine in this street racing adventure. Great for kids and adults alike. Retro arcade style driving action! Touch to left or right of your car to change lanes and avoid […]

Balloon Balloon

Fun free Android & iOS game for your smartphone or tablet. Great game for young kids!

Play Balloon Balloon on your Android: Exciting, addicting, reaction time testing, tilt gameplay using your android’s state of the art accelerometer. Enjoy this game’s free, fast paced, face melting, arcade action. Balloon Balloon is an original game created by HomeWorld Arts! “99 red balloons floating in the summer sky” Fly up! Up so high in […]

Bunker Blaster

free Android and Apple iOS arcade game. Cartoon Aliens

Play Bunker Blaster on your Android: An epic high-energy, retro-style arcade game on your touch screen device. Bunker Blaster is a completely free action shooter arcade game. In this sci-fi fantasy world planet Earth is in the middle of the ultimate battle for survival against an alien attack. This action game will require more speed […]