Bunker Blaster

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An epic high-energy, retro-style arcade game on your touch screen device.

Bunker Blaster is a completely free action shooter arcade game. In this sci-fi fantasy world planet Earth is in the middle of the ultimate battle for survival against an alien attack. This action game will require more speed than any defense clone “game” you have ever played. Forget the castles, galaxy, tower, or silly little toys. Ditch the robots zombies or orcs, and get in this armored military bunker left over from historic wars past. Make history and be the hero for all of Earth and space above This game is unique and not a boring, generic defense game.
Hide-out in your bunker, get equipped to survive, and fight for all of humanity in a real-time survival game against an endless army of giant alien bugs. Join The United Earth Force and fight to kill the aliens that will stop at nothing to end the human race. It’s up to you to survive for the sake of all humanity.

bunker defense


Earth has been invaded by alien bugs! Defend the human race from your fortified military bunker. Blast away the hoards of assaulting aliens. All nations of Earth have united in an effort to save the planet from these evil alien insects. Protect your bunker in the center of the screen by destroying the aliens with three uniquely powerful weapons. Tap or hold down on incoming enemies to shoot them. Stay sharp and pay attention to the edges of the screen! How long can you last against the incoming enemy assault? Test your hand eye coordination in this fast-paced, addicting, action-arcade game. Use the minigun on the green aliens for the most efficient alien lawn mowing. Use the missiles on the red aliens for explosive results. Missiles might also be deadly and destructive against tight groups of enemies. Use the Laser on blue enemies and later on in the game, any pesky large enemies. Be quick on the draw with the correct weapon to protect your bunker and hold out as long as you can. The colors are just a guide… never let your guard down. Defend this blasted bunker till Earth’s bitter end.

bunker defense, helicopter saves the day

A helicopter will fly toward your bunker at the end of each wave. The helicopter pilot will offer you upgrades for you bunker. Choose between upgrading your weapons, making repairs on your bunker, or even adding shield systems. Landmines randomly drop from enemies. Shoot these mines at opportune times to blow them up and damage the invading alien bugs!

Compete in a global high scores list and be the best bunker blaster on planet Earth! Build up your combo multiplier to maximize your score. Every 5 aliens destroyed without taking damage will result in a multiplier until a maximum multiplier of x10 is reached. Mastering the multiplier is the only way to be the worlds best bunker blaster!

alien invasion, starship troopers

Exciting upgrades, intriguing alien enemies, fast paced action arcade. Every nation on earth needs your help!

Powered by Starling, Feather, Flox & Nape

Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.