Alien Invaders

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Space can be a lonely place, not to mention a dangerous one.
Aliens with a chip on their shoulder don’t make the best friends.
What better way to cope than to arm yourself
with upgradable, explosive, non-stop projectiles.

They wont like you, but they will fear you.

Intergalactic Ninja Pirate gameplay screenshot

Guide the Intergalactic Ninja Pirate through space as the aliens invade! Use your left thumb to control the movement of your spaceship, and your right thumb to use special weapons as you buy them. This is a retro style ship shooter that will have you addicted in seconds. Upgrade your space ship at the space station before setting out to destroy the aliens from another planet. Green Aliens will die easy, but the red ones will take some more powerful weapons to destroy. Collect money that drops from the aliens and choose to upgrade your guns, missiles, laser, or shield. Mastering this classic arcade game will take some practice. Compete for the high score with your friends, or against the rest of Earth on the global high score list.

Intergalactic Ninja Pirate ship shooter arcade for Android and iPhone