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Enjoy Our free arcade!
All games made by Indie Game Developer, HomeWorld Arts.  Every game is also available for both Android and iOS.
Not every game we make can be adapted for keyboard controls, but for the ones that can we have posted here.
We are a two person development team.  Follow our Development on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.
Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig.


pterodactyl, dinosaurs, jurassic

light, bike, cyberpunk

rythm game, android, iphone, smartphone, tablet, free games

gotta keep em' separated!

a great smartphone game for girls and boys.

Swat the Flies! Fly Swatter!

riding in a rocket, a pizza rocket. Fly above the pizza place into the sky. Collect pizza toppings and fly even faster.

rave, puzzle, glow game, glowsticks, light show, gloving, trippy game, brain training, smarter, faster, stronger, dance party game

castle, quest, free smartphone games, iphone games, android fun

enter a Jurassic World


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